Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blog Entry #10

Dr. Mazeroff’s lecture on the hero’s journey brought up some interesting questions based on the Hunger Games. As Dr. Mazeroff pointed out, there are other hero’s journeys that more clearly follow procedure but Katniss definitely tranforms during the books. When analyzing Katniss, it is very clear to see that she matures and changes throughout the series. Katniss has always been selfless, but the level of her selflessness increases as she goes on her journey. In my opinion, Katniss’ story is a coming of age story coupled with a hero’s journey. Katniss goes through some highly relatable struggles that most people go through, like finding their place in their family and falling in love. The hero’s journey aspect of her story comes into play because of the dystopian society she lives in and the situations she is forced to act in, like the games and the rebellion. When Prim’s name is called, Katniss unknowingly makes the decision to start her hero’s journey. She then goes on to rebel against the Capitol, again somewhat unknowingly. Katniss’ intentions were never to cause a rebellion, but rather keep Peeta alive. Snow understands this on some level, but the people of the districts use Katniss as their mockingjay, and as Snow says, fear is stronger than hope. Throughout the rebellion, Katniss takes on a leadership role and she eventually kills Coin in what some people saw as a lapse of judgment, but because of her journey Katniss was able to make the right call. At the end of the series, Katniss completes her journey by returning home, having changed herself and her world around her.

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