Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blog Entry-Children of Men

Children of Men was an extremely interesting movie to watch when analyzing it through the perspective of the Hunger Games. In the movie, the people of the world can no longer reproduce and the youngest man in the world, baby Diego, has just died. The world has descended into chaos and anarchy because the government is detaining people and attempting to deport them, and the future is bleak. This is similar to the Hunger Games because of the oppressive regime and the fact that people were moved into their districts and forced to stay there with no potentiality of mobility. The entire movie itself involves a lot of death and destruction, much like the Hunger Games. We are then introduced to Key, the one woman who miraculously conceived. She is attempting to get to the Human Project, an apparent safe haven where she would be able to keep her baby safe from the government and other rebel groups. The baby represents a new hope for the people, and like in the Hunger Games, hope plays a major role in turning around the dystopian society. In Children of Men, the government does not play as much of an active role. Snow is clearly the charismatic ruler of Panem, but there is no clear leader in Children of Men. The military plays an active role in maintaining some level of compliance, but the rebels are well armed and have a lot of support from the public. While the Hunger Games has a resolute ending, Children of Men ends on a cliffhanger, and we never really find out what happened to the baby. While the movie and the books have many similarities, they are also distinctly different types of dystopias.

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