Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blog Entry #14

In my final blog entry of my first ever blog, I feel as though I learned a lot in this class. I love to read, and The Hunger Games trilogy is one of my favorites so being able to dedicate three hours a week of class time to the discussion of something I am passionate about is a great experience. I feel as through the guest speakers brought so much to the class. Dr. Raley's lecture inspired me to take her Gender and Society course, which I am super excited about. This class has allowed me to interact with professors from different disciplines and that is invaluable. It opened my eyes to so many different fields of study which helps me when looking at my own, and I feel as though that is the purpose of an SIS. The class was well taught and I had fun with my classmates, but I wish there was more open and unstructured conversation. One of my favorite parts about being in the honors program is interacting with my peers and bouncing ideas off of them. It is a great feeling to be challenged intellectually, but I feel as though there was not enough self-led conversations to allow for that. I also think that while the reading offered insight into the series, they could have been better. I know that it was difficult to find scholarly works that supported the texts, so I feel as though they were useful. I hope that this class can be offered many times in the future for students to appreciate The Hunger Games like I have been able to.

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